21 April 2012

This is How We Do at Craft Shows - Cherry Blossom Video

A hot mess of yarn for neon Lumas!
Crocheting for Cherry Blossom Festival!

Last week at the Cherry Blossom Festival, a group of young gals came by to chat & check out my wares. I'll admit - I was lacking sleep & feelin' kinda punchy, but really, that's just how I am at craft shows.

We got to talkin' and geeking out & it was apparent that they were amazeballs. I mean, the young lady who bought my Teal Luma ended up making her friend do Yoshi impersonations in public! It was AWESOME!

So of course, Christel "taped" it.

After many hours of hard work (both for her video editing class, art classes & me, of course;), she was able to put out this awesome video for us. :D

You should come out to the Cherry Blossom Festival this weekend... cos This is How We Do at Craft Shows!

Here at nerd JERK, we love our fans a TON! And it looks like the feeling is mutual! Feel the love & join us at craft shows like these rad ladies did - geeking out together is a ton more fun!

Like what you see? AWESOME!
Check out more at http://nerdJERK.etsy.com & http://nerdJERK.blogspot.com
This video was shot at the Artist Village with Bazaar Bizarre at New People for the 2012 Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francisco, CA.

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