07 May 2011

Geek Chic Guide: May the Fourth be with You

Although I'm like 3 days late, I wanted to show off what Star Wars Day means to me this year:

1. Tina Fey as Leia - If you know me, you know I dig quirky things. And among those things, Tina Fey is pretty damn high up on the list. So when I think of Star Wars, Liz Lemon telling a court that she doesn't think it's fair that she be appointed to a jury because she "can read MINDS!" is pretty damn awesome. Makes me glad to have purchased her autobio, Bossypants! If you're a fan, TOTALLY worth the money!

2. Ewok Amigurumi - My internet friend, Chris Pugh, recommended that if I ever get tired of crocheting Bob-Ombs & Mushrooms, I should give these bad boys a try. And I gotta say, lucyravenscar's work is awesome! Anytime an Ewok has a toothpick as a weapon, COUNT ME IN!!

3. Kawaii Yodas - Man... a lot of adorable baby crap is flying around these days. And although my bio-clock is quite tickin' all that loudly at the moment, it's items in Micielomicielo's Etsy Store that drive me baby-cray-cray! Other radness includes: Mr.T, Princess Leia & Pee-Wee Herman-ish kids clothing! SQUEE!

4. Chewy Doggie? - And then there was the pic that started it all that my friend, Eduardo E., posted on his Facebook... of a Chewie Dog!!! Which promptly made me wanna show Roger, cos he giggles WAY too much at pictures like these. I thought ya'll might like it too!
Hope you all had a great week & please post awesome links to things you find to be Star Wars-y Geek Chic!


  1. Haha I LOVE Tina Fey. That seen in 30 Rock is one of the best. It makes me want to try it when I get called for jury duty and see if it works. Check out this Etsy site. I love the Chewie cover

  2. Hi, I'm glad you like my Ewok pattern - don't mess with the toothpick!

    Love the dog, so cute!


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