31 May 2011

For the Villain in all of us - Black Heart Cases' Kickstarter

Handmade Black Heart Cases for the iPad - by Gustavo Pastre

The day of my very first craft show, a fellow with the most awesome mustache I had ever seen took some time to stand at my booth and tell me that my ideas were worth more than I was charging for them. It was hard to listen to, being the newbie craft show seller that I was, but I took in the wise information this menacing lookin' patron had to offer.

Almost a year later, the same guy has a great idea that's worth a lot of dough. And I'm hopin' that I can round up a bunch of my geek buddies to help him make his idea into a reality.

 Mustache Stand - made of acrylic and leather - by Gustavo Pastre

Gustavo Pastre may look a bit menacing with his villain-like grin, complete with twirly old-timey mustache, but he's a hard-working artisan with a love for all that is handmade:
"I have been an artist/craftsman my entire life. When I was very young, I used to think everything was made in factories. It shocked me when I realized that people are responsible for crafting items, not giant robots. My processes are old fashioned and newfangled. Cast iron hand presses and lasers. Nothing would make me happier then to craft all day."
So this craftsman had a brilliant idea: handmade iPad cases made right here in San Francisco, that would be able to protect these "newfangled" electro-gadgets in a sustainable way - meaning that long after iPads had turned into the next gadget, you'd still be able to use the same artfully bound case for years to come!

Plus, since I've always wanted one, the villain-like mustache stand really calls to me! For more info on how it works, check out Gustavo's Kickstarter video:

The Black Heart Cases' Kickstarter project is over in 3 days time. This is where you come in!
Please help get this amazing project off the ground and raise some funds for Gustavo's newest endeavor!
  • Inspire the your Inner Villain - Different prizes for different levels of sponsorship. Check out what you could win if you become a Black Heart Cases' Backer!
  • Everyone know's a geek who'd dig this - If you can only help make a donation by passing this along, at least you've done something to help make this awesome idea a reality.
Wanna find out more about who's talking about Black Heart Cases? Check out these links:

Thanks for your help & support of your fellow geeks!

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