15 February 2011

Here Comes the Sun - Geek Chic Guide

Sometimes you don't get things right the first time around. I can totally relate to that. A long winter has passed and I'm jumping into the new year, enjoying the lovely springtime weather we're having here in San Francisco, CA. I'm turning a new leaf... towards a sunny future.

Although I haven't had a raging success with the Geek Chic Guides of the past, I'm deciding to go ahead and continue to share some of the things on Etsy that make me swoon!

And with a new try in this new year, I thought it was time for a new look. :) I used Picnik, a free web-based photo editing website, to help me make a gorgeous collage of awesomeness. I learned how to make collages on Picnik using Mayi Carles' helpful tutorial on her heartmade blog (which is up for 2 nominations for 2011 HANDMADE OLYMPICS by the rikrak studio).

So check out these gorgeous creations from some of my favourite items on Etsy these days!

1) LIMITED EDITION Ludlow: The Freckled Woodland Bear - by sleepyking - $28 USD
Made by Savannah May in a small town in Northern California, this adorable bear has been haunting my dreams of "Some day" purchases. Featured on the cover of "Stuffed" magazine and multiple blogs, I hope to some day be as rad & well-known as she is. Also love her fox, Liam. Check out her exhibition on paper'n'stitch.

2) Yellow Rose Lariat Necklace - by KatyKristin - $38 USD
Handcrafted necklaces made out of natural fibers by Katy Kristin in my hometown, Pacifica, California. Crafted in a little cottage by the coast, these lovely lariats are made in an adorable studio that I hope to soon feature on this blog. Currently working on new items, Katy is hoping to launch her latest treasures out into the world later this spring. Find out more about her here.

3) Black Airstream Trailer with Yellow Stripes - by redtilestudio - $28 USD
Mother and daughter duo, Darleen & Amber, decided to "create unique pieces of art that reflect our love of nature and modern design." And it really comes though! I have a vast love for trailers and I hope to some day live in one! Seeing this printed block reminds me that I can go anywhere I want. Check out more of what inspires this Texan team's art at pinterest.com/redtilestudio.

4) I Left My Bike In San Francisco - by bunnydee - $25 USD
I still love Danielle's gorgeous work, even when I'm discovering it for the millionth time! This San Francisco artist reminds me why I love living here, with her whimsical design and lovely sense of colour.  Featured as my first Awesome Artist in the series, I'm proud to say that I both love to celebrate her body to work and her friendship. Check out more of her musing and inspiration on her blog, bunny mountain.


  1. What a nice feature and blog!
    Thanks so much Steph!

  2. Wow! Thanks so much for the awesome posting! I loved checking out everyone's amazing stuff!


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