02 December 2010

MegsCrochetJewels GIVEAWAY Winner is...!

Twisted Crochet Bracelet - by MegsCrochetJewels - $20 USD
An example of what Karen can look forward to!
On Saturday night all the entries were assigned #s and were entered into the "True Random Number Generator" at Random.org and Karen Foster from Tennessee was selected! When told of her winnings, she exclaimed:

Wow!  Thanks so much!  I am so excited I love jewelry and this would be such a unique piece for my collection - Thanks again!

So, congrats to Karen! She's probably picking out her favourite coloured beads for her customised bracelet as we speak.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more awesomeness!


  1. wow.. i like that beads bracelet... how much is worth?
    Geek Chic

  2. I believe Meg sells most of her bracelets that look like the one above for $20. Feel free to check out her shop at http://www.MegsCrochetJewels.etsy.com to find more of work.


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