29 December 2010

Etta + Billie GIVEAWAY Winner is...!

On Saturday night all the entries were assigned #s and were entered into the "True Random Number Generator" at Random.org and Hilary Goldman from A Slice of Delight was selected! When told of her winnings, she exclaimed:
A few things - at first when I saw the "We have a winner"  I honestly lost track of thinking about the giveaway -my mind at first thought it went out to the entire team and then when I saw it was just to me and that I won!!  The first thing that crossed my mind was - how I wished all 3 of us that entered could have won.  Then the second thing that crossed my mind was - I won!! 
It's so ironic - I never spend any time chasing down entering giveaways (and there are a lot of them out there and I get them sponsored for my own soap - I'm sure we can do something similar in the new year for A Slice of Delight) but I thought to myself - it's my Etsy mate, she's local, Steph put a shout out to encourage people to comment, I enjoyed the post and Alana's soap process is so completely different than my use of glycerin that I thought pour quoi pas (I've got enough glycerin soapy art around I don't need anymore of that ;+}). And why can't a soap crafter (i.e. me)  take a break from using my own soapy scraps ;+} 
So, congrats to Hilary! :) I've given Alana's soaps as gifts and can testify to how much different people dig them! And Hilary's excitement for new soaps just goes to show how everyone can enjoy something handmade.

Thanks to everyone who participated! Stay tuned for more awesomeness!

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