11 June 2010


I've been carrying around a little notebook to sketch out ideas for a while now and the only time I ever put pen or pencil to paper is when I'm bored at a restaurant! My boyfriend has a phone with which to search the internets & I got stuck with a "Note To Self" booklet that I draw in.

Well, at least it helps me try and come up with new design ideas.

One of the reasons I haven't finished the Nerdity Notebooks is because I couldn't figure out how to decently draw a Rockabilly Raccoon! It all sounds swell & dandy until you have a pencil handy!

And Pirate Turtle sounds sooooo much more awesome when you're got trying to do them in Ninja Turtle Style... but, you know.. like a PIRATE! hehe The original idea was to think of something rad & do the opposite. When I actually had the chance to make something, I got overwhelmed with all the possible ways I could frak it up.

This was my initial submission idea for the June issue of PAPERLINKS.oRG but since I couldn't figure out whether or not it was going to look right... and the fact that Urbandictionary.com told me what "junebuggin'" really was, I just never finished it. Plus, later on, my boyfriend pointed out that this was more like jitterbuggin'...

I was attempting to work out how to draw a cute vampire drinking from a juicebox (filled with blood) when I just couldn't get his look down. Instead, I started drawing aliens. And since they would do their best to blend in, my guess was that aliens would wanna look like they just stepped out of Urban Outfitters. Luckily, the clothes would all fit.

Drew a few more attempts at the Nerdtastic Flamingo today and when I failed, I ended up doing the next one on the list: Hipster Owl. But when Roger pointed out that hipsters are vegans, he added that it would be nice to show his support of the lifestyle by walking a mouse.
I spent a lot of time on that plaid. ;)

Good times.

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