27 February 2012

Gettin' a little Wacky - A new look for nerd JERK

You can scratch even the TINIEST of turntables!
DIY Nerdy Cross Stitch Kit - Record Player - $18 USD @ nerd JERK

If you've been tuning in, you know that I've been working very hard on mixin' it up & getting things done in 2012.

..except for maybe regular blog posts.

And fortunately for you, this ain't no regular blog post!

G'ahead! Tell you friends what a weird geek lady I am. :D Cos it's about to get awesome up in this blog, yo!

Much <3
- Steph


  1. Love the new dye job and spiffy specs ;) You could be a Pink Lady!

    Very excited to see all the new awesomeness!! And I want to know more about this typewriter. I loves me some typewriter clickty-clackity goodness.

    1. If only I could get my hair that fabulously pink! :D

      Man - I have a crazy story about that typewriter, too... but that will have to be another blog post. *wink*

  2. okay, and where, just where did you get those glasses! You are too fab, and of course wacky and nerdy too!

    1. Haha! Oh, Liz - that's the question of the day! I won't say exactly where, but I will say that you can find the darnedest things at party supply stores. ;D

      When I saw that they were basically the exact same ones as the glasses I wear daily, I had to splurge!

  3. This is awesome! Love you are video blogging and trying new things. Can't wait to see what your blog has in store!

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! I'm making small tweak throughout the blog as we speak. I hope to have the entire thing rolled out by the end of the month, but until then, I suppose everyone's gonna have to keep an eye out.

      It'll be like "Where's Waldo?" but with out striped shirts. ;D

  4. I don't know how I haven't seen this before but I LOVE it! And I have the same hair. We should be hair twins or something. Can't wait to see what you're up to, it's going to be AWESOME!

  5. Ok. As creepy a this is to say. I look like the you in the video. I wear those glasses and have that hair. Seriously Go check out my blog. I even have a jewellery store called Nerd Burger. Go check out a pic of me at
    it will freak you out.


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